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Development of a company logo is the first and most important stage in creating a corporate (corporate)

It is for this “dress” that the Company is greeted on the market, it is for the logo or trademark that one product is distinguished from another, it is the presence of the mark that is a kind of guarantee of the quality of products or services. That is why ordering a logo is a very important step, and you should not trust its online services or freelancers, so as not to face a number of problems in the future that hinder the development and promotion of your business.

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The traditional role of design has been to improve the look and feel of information. The publishing industry relies on designers for print and online books, magazines and newspapers to inform, delight, and support the interests of readers.

site design

Site template

A set of graphic elements, fonts and colors implemented on the site

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site design

Logos, banners, icons

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Дизайн полиграфии

Polygraphic design

A kind of graphic design, whose tasks include the development of materials for printed products

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site design

Media design

Creation of a fundamentally new communication environment

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Design software

The design is not created by the program, but you. If you own design, you can do the job well in any program. However, the right tools make the design process easier and help you work smarter.

design photo logo
design photo logo
design photo logo
design photo logo
design photo logo
design photo logo

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