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Sales of cylinders in the USA


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Production and sale of municipal vehicles in Ukraine


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Business card of a hairdressing salon in the city of Dnipro


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Site with news about the Hockey League of Amateurs in the city of Kremenchuk

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Briefly about us

The byShep Studio company has been developing websites for over 4 years and during this time more than 100 websites have been implemented. Our team includes more than 12 specialists from various fields. The main office is located in the city of Dnipro and subsidiaries in Kremenchug, Kiev and California.

Main directions

We specialize in website development of the following types: Business card website; Online store; Site directory; Landing Page; News site; Corporate website.

Typically, website development takes from two weeks to a month, it all depends on the task and complexity of the project. Website development consists of several stages. It all starts with an idea and main objectives. At this stage, we think over the logic of the site, stipulate the main points, determine the goals and audience of the site. Then we work as a designer. Thinks over a unique website design and draws a layout. And the project is completed by a team of programmers.

Even after the delivery of the project, we provide support throughout the year and always help to resolve issues of any difficulty.

Website development on CMS

Nowadays there are many different CMS (CMS - content management system) and the choice depends on the complexity of the tasks and the required functionality. We are engaged in website development and have worked with all popular CMS engines: WordPres, Drupal, Magento, Bitrix, Joomla and have chosen the best and most convenient solutions.

What do we offer?

First of all, of course, we offer to develop a website that will be different from the rest and develop your business. Turnkey website development from byShep Studio is a very correct decision, as we offer an excellent result. 24/7 support. A team of specialists in various fields that will carry out their work from A to Z.


Setting up Google Analytics so that you can see how the audience behaves on your web resource. We include Google Search Console, so that you know exactly what query you are found by. Checking Google Speed ​​Test on the website loading speed, which greatly affects on the SEO site.

Website development required?

BYSHEP has been engaged in website development for a long time. We treat each new project responsibly. The main services provided by our company for website development :

  • We select the right domain name suitable for your business;
  • We offer quality hosting with a large amount of resources;
  • High-quality design of logos, templates, icons, banners, corporate identity;
  • High-quality SEO promotion and further support of the site;
  • We provide quality advice;
  • Development of functionality of any complexity according to the requirements of the technical task;
BYSHEP Company values ​​its and your time and performs all the work in the required time. Each stage of website development will be agreed with the client before starting work. During operation, you will be able to monitor the performance of the execution. The decision is yours. Ordering a website is very simple. Write to us and our managers will be able to answer all questions about website development .

Website development by BYSHEP

We offer quality websites to help your business. Today, the global network has become a renowned platform for diverse commercial activities. According to these statistics, the volume of online traffic in the world will grow very rapidly. The Internet has long been an excellent tool for doing business, bringing in a solid income. The main step for successful commerce is building a website and launching it.

Our company is one of the top web studios that are engaged in website development all over Ukraine and also abroad. We have many young employees with a unique perspective on website building . Frontend developers, Backend developers, Fullstack developers, designers, SEO specialists and many other employees will be able to promote your business on the Internet. We can complete a project of any complexity.You can view all our completed projects on the portfolio page. We still support and modernize each project to meet the modern requirements of site development .

Website development byShep Studio
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