Website development Khll – Kremenchug Hockey League
One of the first projects of our studio, the news site of the Kremenchug Hockey League. The project started in the summer of 2017. It all started with a discussion of the project, and only a month later we started developing the site. To begin with, we made a skeleton of the site, but it seemed damp to us. We analyzed similar sites and made a modern site. The main task was not only the speed of loading the site or adaptive, but to make the site easy to use.

What have we achieved after 2 months of website development?

We made a very convenient interface for any extension. We optimized the site to the maximum rating from the Google Speed ​​service. We connected Google Analytics and completely indexed the site.

Set up a display of news of different categories. Made a table of accounts so that anyone could understand what was going on in it.

We were so interested in this project that we decided to make a small contribution to the sports of our hometown and to this day we run the site absolutely free of charge. We update tables and add news. Thank you for your trust, it was a pleasure to work with.

Respectfully, byShep Studio, we will be glad to cooperate.


The development of the site began with the fact that we made two other sites for a customer from America. During our cooperation, we not only gained experience and created two websites, but also got to know the customer very well and even after a while we call up and conduct dialogues on various topics.

The main task was to develop an online store for the American market and increase sales through high-quality SEO promotion. First, we set up a variable display of goods, which greatly simplified the buying process itself. But over time, it was decided to make a single brood of goods, as this has a positive effect on website promotion.

The project lasted for 5-6 months, and even after the end of the site, according to the customer’s recommendations, we were entrusted to create 2 online stores and two business card sites for his foreign partner.

Now we are engaged in website development and design. Moreover, not only the design of the site, but also the development of a logo, the development of design for business cards and a business sheet.

Best regards, byShep Studio, we will be glad to cooperate.


In the summer of 2019, a representative of Alfateks contacted us with a desire to modernize the site and correct errors. At that time, very strong errors in optimization were identified, to which past developers replied that this would be done as an additional service. This outraged us, and we offered turnkey website development.

Website development began with market analysis and competitor monitoring. Then, without further ado, we began to develop the design and make the site. With the help of a company representative, we easily decided on the design and described each step. As a result, we went through the following points:

  • Website development;
  • Design development;
  • Filling content;
  • SEO website promotion.

The website development lasted about 3-4 months. To this day, we run the site and technically support it, constantly modernize and improve. We also conduct analytics and are engaged in active SEO promotion in the Google search engine.

Over time, more than 5 people called us, who liked the site of the Alfateks company, with a request to develop a site. This is one of the reasons why we always do everything with high quality and try our best.

Best regards, byShep Studio, we will be glad to cooperate.

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