How to clear the cache and what is it?

May 17, 2022

The cache is a kind of temporary storage of those elements of the site that cannot be changed. When loading pages, the web browser does not use elements to download directly from the server, but using the hard drive for faster and easier processing when opening the page. But the cache has a bad property to accumulate. Its number is growing at the speed of light, and depends on the user’s page traffic. If its size exceeds the allowable limits, it will prevent the normal operation of the browser.

What does cache mean?

The browser cache acts as a storage that speeds up the process of loading sites. All statistical materials remain in the local memory of the PC, which allows you to reduce the number of requests on the server and download files from a shared storage location. When caching file types such as HTML, CSS, JS, as well as images, the browser reduces the load time. Every time a browser asks for a specific file, it is tested to see if it can be accessed locally. If it cannot be found, then the web surfer sends a request to the required server and stores it as cache data based on the file type.

What happens during junk file cleanup?

Deleting the cache removes all information that is in temporary storage. This happens due to the impossibility of restoring resources locally. They all need to be delivered by a suitable web server.

What happens after cleaning?

  • Site settings will be deleted, namely, saved login passwords, usernames, etc.
  • If synchronization is active in Chrome, it will not be possible to exit the Google profile where information exchange processes take place. This will make it possible to get rid of data on all devices linked to the account.
  • Sites that have been visited before will load slowly, this also applies to multimedia content.

What are cache and cookies used for?

Cookies are files that are created by websites visited by users. Thanks to their existence, it becomes easier to work on the Internet, as productivity increases.

The cache stores information received from web pages so that on subsequent visits to the web resource, pictures or videos load faster.

Why is it necessary to delete the cache in a timely manner?

The files that accumulate in the cache of the Internet browser begin to take up a lot of space, which clogs the disk and interferes with normal operation. If you do not clean up, the browser will noticeably slow down, there will be connection problems. In addition, there may be violations in the display of content. Cleaning up the browser is essential as it resolves crashes such as pages freezing or incomplete rendering.

How to clear cache on pc

Removing system junk on a PC is not difficult. You can do this yourself by studying the manual for various desktop browsers that are popular among users.

Cache Clearing Algorithm in Google Chrome

  • Go to the menu on the sidebar, select the “History > History” section.
  • In the settings, click the “Clear browser cache” button.
  • Set the scope: for a single or full period of time.
  • Check the boxes for the items you want to clear. This includes cache, cookies, browsing history.
  • Click the “Clear data” option.

After starting the cleaning and its completion, the browser will need to restart. You should not interrupt this process, because after the restart, the browser will again function like new.

Important information!

For quick access to deleting unnecessary files, you can resort to the complex pressing of the Ctrl + Shift + Delete buttons .

For Mac OS users, a speed dial is available from the Command + Shift + Delete keys .

How to get rid of the cache in browsers on smartphones

Mobile platforms use the same caching process as on PC. It is worth exploring several options for cleaning “garbage” in the top web browsers used in smartphones.

How to Clear the Google Chrome Android Cache

  • In the context menu, find the “History” tab.
  • Select the “Clear browsing data” option.
  • Designate the time period and click to remove garbage for “All time”.
  • By marking the necessary items, you can get rid of your browsing history, clear the cache and cookies.
  • The final step is to click the “Clear data” button.


As you can see, it is quite easy to cope with clearing the cache even on your own, without the involvement of specialists. It is important to understand about the problems that can occur as a result of its accumulation and timely clean the browser on different gadgets. This procedure will have a positive impact on the speed of the browser and content loading. It is recommended to remove at least once a month.


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