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The development of the site began with the fact that we made two other sites for a customer from America. During our cooperation, we not only gained experience and created two websites, but also got to know the customer very well and even after a while we call up and conduct dialogues on various topics.

The main task was to develop an online store for the American market and increase sales through high-quality SEO promotion. First, we set up a variable display of goods, which greatly simplified the buying process itself. But over time, it was decided to make a single brood of goods, as this has a positive effect on website promotion.

The project lasted for 5-6 months, and even after the end of the site, according to the customer’s recommendations, we were entrusted to create 2 online stores and two business card sites for his foreign partner.

Now we are engaged in website development and design. Moreover, not only the design of the site, but also the development of a logo, the development of design for business cards and a business sheet.

Best regards, byShep Studio, we will be glad to cooperate.

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