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August 26, 2022

Thanks to developments without code, specialists far from the IT sphere will be able to independently create unique software solutions without using a single line of code. The concept of no-code has done enough hype among the masses. While the old business is still working “the old way” with the use of coders and developers, for small and medium-sized businesses, they have become a pleasant find that is worth paying attention to. What could be easier than having no technical knowledge, creating a website using only visual tools.

No-code can be safely called an environment where startups have the opportunity to make individual products from scratch without resorting to the help of programmers. As for creating websites, “codeless” platforms will help not only in creating convenient one-pagers, but also in developing multifunctional websites, marketplaces with various options, such as a shopping cart and online payment.

Definition of “no-code”

A platform for creating sites without code is nothing more than a ready-made constructor that contains all the necessary components. At the end of the project, you can immediately evaluate the result thanks to the preview function. Thanks to the presence of visual models, the coding process is greatly simplified. Codeless platforms are suitable for business people who do not have deep knowledge of programming, but want to create a product on their own. In fact, creating a site has code, you just don’t have to write it yourself. In platforms without code, it is pre-built, and the average user will not be able to see all the coding stuffing.

Definition of "no-code"

Benefits of using a website without programming

There are several advantages why it is beneficial to use a program without code.

  • There is no need to have specialized knowledge. “Code-free” sites and the process of their creation certainly need training and time for which the user can get used to the program, having studied the functions and toolset.
  • Fast website development. Of course, making a web resource in two clicks will not work, however, making a landing page in the constructor in a couple of hours is a very real task.
  • Ease of creation. All you need to create a site, put all the necessary components in pursuit of a logical chain. All elements have already been created and visually modeled, the user only needs to put everything together.
  • Less material investment. It’s no secret that developer services are not cheap. Thanks to the existence of such platforms without code, you can get rid of many financial waste. For entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of this idea without raising a lot of start-up capital, codeless platforms will be the best option.
  • information accuracy. Working with the site without code, its owner will always know about the influx of information, where there are changes, what tools were used for this, and all this without the help of specialists.
  • The ability to change everything. Traditional manual coding, where it is impossible to change the functionality in the future or change something quickly, perfectly prevails over no-code, where changes are a reality.
  • Availability of SEO. SEO tools play an important role in the implementation of the correct optimization of the resource in order to attract traffic from search engines, as well as the subsequent monetization of an already finished site. Website builders without a single code with SEO will help you promote your business well and get good positions in search results.
  • Adaptation to mobile gadgets. Today, almost the lion’s share of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices, for this reason, “codeless” platforms offer a basic layout that is suitable for gadgets.
  • Fast and convenient integration. Increasingly, businesses are using multiple applications at once. Many businessmen are looking for ways to connect services on their site in order to improve and automate their workflows. Codeless platforms have this capability even without manual connection. The site will already have automatically built-in integration with delivery services, payment cards, social networks, etc.

Why is zero/no-code right for you?

The answer is very simple to find – this is the path of the least resistance and an easy way to go online with a web resource of any complexity, from a blog, a one-page landing page to a multifunctional marketplace. Creating a site or mobile application on a codeless basis will be an excellent option that does not require the involvement of expensive developer services and high material costs. Creating your own website in a matter of minutes is real and suitable for conducting various types of business activities.

What will be the dry residue?

Codeless solutions will help you create and customize your site the way the user wants. Many coders say that no-code sites have a limited set of features, and you end up with a “boxed” resource. However, codeless resources are constantly being improved, new tools appear, thanks to which the software becomes easy to use and accessible to every client.

Having opted for a codeless version, you need to take into account several factors:

  • specific tasks and goals (what kind of website do you want?)
  • budget (with free or paid package)
  • the time and desire that you can devote to your site (self-maintenance of the site is implied)

The number of specialists who will work with you


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The price depends on the type of site and functionality. A business card site costs 300$. It all depends on what specialists will be involved the project Will it be necessary to develop a logo for your business, design development, SEO promotion, etc. For more detailed consultation, contact our manager by phone +38 (067) 737 0360 or in any convenient messenger.

It all depends on the complexity of the project and your wishes. Most often, if it is about developing a business card, it can take about a week. The online store can be occupied for up to a month. For more detailed consultation, contact our manager by phone +38 (067) 737 0360 or in any convenient messenger.

Yes. Technically, we guarantee free feeding support. This includes bug fixes, module updates, virus cleaning, and minor tasks.

When developing a site, we initially set it up for Google indexing for further promotion. That is, after the site is delivered, it will not just hang on the Internet, but for this there is a number of recommendations from our specialists that we will give upon completion of the project. In order to order the website promotion service, contact our manager by phone +38 (067) 737 0360 or in any convenient messenger.

We guarantee free annual site maintenance, as well as free domain and hosting for the whole hour. Also, we are an official web studio and are responsible for everything not only in words, but also in documents.

We provide our services throughout Ukraine. We already cooperate and provide services to such cities as: Miami , LA , New York , Chicago , Houston , Phoenix, Philadelphia , San Antonio

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