What are the salaries of employees of Apple, Facebook and other IT giants: infographics

June 17, 2022
Statistics have recently been released online, reflecting the average income of the world’s 19 largest technology companies.

Some salaries were surprising, referring to different staffing and business lines. For example, the highest average level of income is in Facebook – Meta and is $ 292,785 per year, and the lowest in Amazon and varies between $ 32,855.

The decline in revenue during 2021 has had the most significant impact on companies such as HP, Netflix and Tesla. Citrix compensation readings increased significantly – 55%, Apple – 18% and Activision Blizzard – 18%.

Dice infographics

Kakie zarplaty u sotrudnikov apple facebook i drugih it gigantov infografika

I wondered why the level of salaries is so different? This is due to the availability of warehouses, factories and retail at Apple, Amazon and Tesla. Employees of these institutions receive less than technologists with a high level of qualification, which has a negative impact on the median salary.

As for IBM, the situation is different and it will be more difficult to put it on the shelves, because they do not have a large retail or lack of production capacity. It is likely that IBM’s consulting and business offices will not pay their employees the price they could have earned elsewhere.

In addition, IT companies and executives, including Alphabet / Google, Salesforce and Facebook / Meta, offer employees a very high income.
It is important to note that in companies with low average salaries, experienced IT professionals will be able to earn a high level of income. For example, Amazon offers a higher base rate of up to $ 350,000 per year.


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