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Comprehensive development and promotion of the site to reach the first positions in the search results


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What is contextual advertising?

A type of online promotion in which an ad is shown depending on the content of the page or a query entered in a search engine. Such ads are seen by users whose interests overlap with the product or service being promoted. In a broad sense, contextual advertising is the placement of advertising messages in the content relevant to them.


Types of contextual advertising

Marketing in images


Contextual advertising is fast

Almost the only way to instantly get targeted visitors and sales from the Internet. If the setting is done correctly, then the previous sentence becomes a statement, because there is no other way to quickly jump into the TOP of Google or Yandex advertising by “bold” keywords. In conjunction with high-quality web analytics, contextual advertising becomes a key source of profit generation for the given parameters of return on investment. The growth of the number of orders and profit will inevitably raise the question of business expansion before you. The previous two paragraphs outlined the business benefits.


SMM – Promotion

An effective way to attract an audience to the site through social networks, blogs, forums, communities

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Writing texts

Writing commercial texts, filling sites with informational and SEO articles

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