Landing Page Development

Landing Page development

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What is a Landing Page?

The landing page, or "landing" page, contains basic information about the offered product or service that you provide. Landing site aimed at promoting a specific product. This site contains a minimum of information, but the resource is rich in graphic delights. All this is necessary in order to increase interest in the promoted product or service among potential consumers.

A professionally and well-executed landing page converts a visitor into a client of your company. Thanks to the landing page, your product or service immediately goes to the client, which with a large number of offers gives you a unique competitive advantage.


Why order a Landing Page

Landing-style sites are very well structured, on the main page information is presented with the aim of directly influencing the client, prompting him to place an order. Such presentation of information psychologically motivates a person to act, order goods and services right now, while it is profitable. The information on the page is presented succinctly and as clearly as possible, thanks to which the visitor in the shortest time learns everything necessary about your product or service.

Statistics show that such sites are now effective, and some successful projects are striking in their results. After all, our clients manage to sell cheap goods in large quantities for good money. Landing pages for the presentation and sale of real estate, industrial goods, cars, household appliances, etc. also work favorably.


Results of a good landing page

  • Increasing the level of sales - a website visitor in the shortest possible time can familiarize himself with your offer and decide on an order or cooperation.

  • Stable influx of regular customers to the site. For landing pages, you can set up an effective advertising campaign on Google or Facebook with minimal costs.

  • With a competent presentation of goods thanks to the Landing Page, the effectiveness of advertising campaigns increases significantly, which is reflected in the number of applications and calls, and the conversion rate of attracting one visitor increases.


The scope of work to create a landing page includes:

  • Individual design

  • Text and graphic content

  • Interactive elements and animation

  • Connecting feedback forms

  • Integration with social networks

  • Content management system connection

  • Installing visit statistics counters

  • SEO site optimization for requests

  • Search engine indexing (Google, Yandex, Bing)

  • Free support for 2 months


Types of sites. Choose what you need

By ordering a development from us, you will receive not only a high-quality, beautiful and ergonomic website, but also an integrated approach to solving all business tasks assigned to us.Types of sites. Choose what you need

bussiness card


The site is intended for getting to know the company. Up to 15 internal pages describing the activities of company.

More details
web shop


The online store is intended for the sale of goods and services. Stop looking for clients, let them find you themselves.

More details
corporate site


A site with a detailed description of your product and great functionality. Up to 30 internal pages

More details


A site with great functionality, where you can show your product or service in more detail and visually.

More details

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News site

News site

Specialization consists in the collection and delivery of general news or news materials on one topic.

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