How to get an API key for Google Maps

May 26, 2022

From 2019, it is no longer possible to use the Google Maps service without a special key. If you encounter this problem when you decide to use the program after a while, you need to think about where to find the Google Maps API Key, the use of which has become paid, and has certain conditions. Google gives $ 200 per month, which is spent with a limit limit for cards, and if you do not exceed it, you will not have to pay for using the service. Despite the unlimited payment rate, the need to connect a credit card to a payment account remains mandatory.

What do you need the API key and Google Maps Platform for?

Simply put, the API key is nothing more than a unique identifier in the account used for the project authentication process in Google services. You need to create a personal project on Google Maps and generate the code yourself. To find the key to Google Maps for free, use the card in any case for confirmation, but this does not mean that it will be charged, the main thing is not to exceed the allowable limit. There are methods to generate code for Google Maps without linking the card to the profile. But here, too, there have been changes, and if previously it was possible to use 500 downloads per day, now this number has decreased to one download per day, other options only after creating a payment account.

Algorithm for obtaining a key for Google Maps

To purchase an API key, you’ll need to create a Google Account or, if you already have one, use one.

  • Then go to the link that leads to the Google Maps platform, and click “Start”. In the dialog box, select “Maps” and select “Continue”.
  • If you are making the key for the first time in your life, first start creating a project, giving it a name, agreeing to the conditions. Then click “Yes” and “Next” to continue.
  • The next step will be to connect the payment system for the use of the key. In the absence of the main card or unwillingness to use it, you can create a virtual counterpart, top up for $ 1 and you’re done.
  • Find your country and check the agreement with the conditions, then click “Accept” and “Continue”.
  • Fill in the blanks with personal data. We keep the credit card number and all the necessary information about it: number, expiration date, cvv, contact details.
  • Select the “Start free trial” option. Google identifies the card, withdraws the money, and refunds it. If you prefer a payment profile, you will accrue free monthly limits. After receiving, copying and saving the code, you can start using it for its intended purpose.
  • For a unique API code, you need to mark and enable restrictions so that no one can use the code, and if that happens, it will be invalid. Select “Protect credentials”.
  • Go to the section “Valid type of programs”, open and find the HTTP-source of the transition. We implement our web resource in the appropriate format of HTTP, HTTPS and WWW domains.

If the field is left blank, the API key can be used to work with different sites.


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