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Terminology for SEO specialists

The SEO direction, like other types of professional activity, has its own professional terminology. When working with SEO specialists or web developers, it is not uncommon to hear words whose meaning is incomprehensible to ordinary users. Professionals use such terms to show their involvement in the process and level of knowledge, and not to confuse customers. If you are closely related to seoshniks or want to try to engage in independent promotion of web resources, you need to know the terminology and use the terms correctly.

Why is SEO Wikipedia necessary?

Having mastered the terminology, it will be easier for a specialist to express his thoughts, and for people who are far from promotion, it will be easier to understand what the conversation is about. The SEO dictionary contains all the necessary meanings of words, expressions and abbreviations that are often used in the language by SEO specialists, marketers, web designers, SMM specialists and other representatives from the related field. This glossary, like the SEO WIKI, will be useful for both beginners and advanced users who order promotion from professionals, want to better understand the specifics of the work and maintain communication at the level.


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The price depends on the type of site and functionality. A business card site costs 300$. It all depends on what specialists will be involved the project Will it be necessary to develop a logo for your business, design development, SEO promotion, etc. For more detailed consultation, contact our manager by phone +38 (067) 737 0360 or in any convenient messenger.

It all depends on the complexity of the project and your wishes. Most often, if it is about developing a business card, it can take about a week. The online store can be occupied for up to a month. For more detailed consultation, contact our manager by phone +38 (067) 737 0360 or in any convenient messenger.

Yes. Technically, we guarantee free feeding support. This includes bug fixes, module updates, virus cleaning, and minor tasks.

When developing a site, we initially set it up for Google indexing for further promotion. That is, after the site is delivered, it will not just hang on the Internet, but for this there is a number of recommendations from our specialists that we will give upon completion of the project. In order to order the website promotion service, contact our manager by phone +38 (067) 737 0360 or in any convenient messenger.

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